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Have you heard of food is medicine, you can eat to beat disease, or what is on the end of your fork? I, along with thousands of health professionals are talking about what
Hippocrates, The Greek Physician from 360 BC said, “All disease begins in the gut” and “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”.
Let What happens in the gut? The gut starts at the lips and ends where you sit. It is the busiest 30 feet of activity we have. It is where the foods you put in the mouth go to be used for healing, nutrition, energy and power the body and brain. If the body cannot use what you eat because its overloaded or not recognized as food, it can create health problems, be stored in fat, or the body will try to excrete it. The other important feature of the GUT is, it’s the brain of our nervous and immune system. The Gut is the gatekeeper between health and dis-ease.
If you have not heard of your immune system, it is your personal armed guards. The immune system depends on us to care for our body so it can work for us when needed. Problem is 95% of Americans abuse their body guards by ingesting non-nutritious food. The body then has to use its energy and pull nutrients from muscles and bones to survive while finding ways to rid the unnecessary pollutants from processed foods.
I have spent over 20 years in traditional medicine, bachelor and master’s degrees in Nursing and basics of nutrients and human biochemistry was not mentioned in the curriculum. Having had to seek out this LIFE sustaining education on my own, my mission is to teach and coach people into health, to listen to their body, to take charge and live less stressed about acquiring a dis-eased life.
I recently heard medical schools are starting to add nutrition as part of their programs so there is hope for the future, but what to do now? We still hear of doctors who will not talk about food as medicine and how lack of certain foods and nutrients can cause common diseases and better yet including nutrients can reverse these same diseases.
I see first-hand in our city, humans are bigger, un-healthy and acquiring chronic diseases because of what is being eaten. We cannot sustain health in a battle with no army. People do get better with food guidance. Numbers of hours weekly are spent teaching clients how to feel better and how to look at food as information to the body. Once food is seen for what it is, many people will respect how and why they eat and make choices that protect and develop health and eating for comfort and mindless eating go away.
It is so hard to console someone knowing they had a choice and wished they made it sooner. And no wish is more powerful than ACTION is. Life insurance may give your family money when you die but won’t keep you alive any more than health insurance keeps us healthy.
Today, you can take action for your health.
It is your job to get and stay healthy, using support of the medicine world as needed. How you care for your body is your real-life insurance.
Tips you can start now to support your Body Guards and build better habits that will serve as free health insurance:
1. Stop fast and processed food- read label for nutrition content, if you cannot recognize the ingredient, neither will your body.
2. Eat fresh food from perimeter of the grocery store, make food from real ingredients. No artificial butters and sweeteners.
3. Get enough sleep- If sleep is an issue, reach out for tips on getting better sleep.
4. Drink clean filtered water-avoid plastic bottles
5. Move yourself, walk, stretch, chair yoga, do something more than what you are doing now.
What you put in your mouth matters, ask yourself, will this food heal me or help dis-ease grow?
If you are ready to transform your health and body and have some questions, get a free consult and will help point you in the right direction.
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Let’s Move That Mountain! One little push is all it takes.
Natalie-Jo Flynn, MSN, CNP, IFMCP