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Keep Euclid Beautiful Hosts Informative Recycling Workshop

Keep Euclid Beautiful, in partnership with the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District and Euclid Chamber of Commerce, hosted an informative recycling workshop at City Hall to answer questions and squash myths about recycling practices. Euclid residents and small business owners gathered at City Hall to view a presentation from Cuyahoga Recycles Education Specialist Carin Miller- who offered a wealth of knowledge on recycling best practices.
Miller’s presentation went into great detail on which specific items are curbside recyclable and should be included in Euclid’s light green Kimble cans- and which items are commonly added to those cans but are not truly recyclable. Non-recyclable items, referred to as “contaminants” once they are co-mingled with recyclable items, slow down the recycling process by causing added sorting and transporting.
“Essentially your non-recyclable items are just taking an extra ride when they are put in the wrong can,” explained Miller. “They could go straight from your house to the landfill on one truck- but instead they’re getting on a truck at your house, going to the recycling facility, getting sorted, then getting on another truck and going to the landfill anyway. They take an extra ride that costs time and resources.”
Communities with curbside recycling programs use the percentage of contaminants being mistakenly recycled to judge the success of their communication efforts, and the success of the recycling program overall. If the percentage of contaminants is too high the program becomes unproductive and can actually end up costing the community more money than the recycling is worth. Currently, Euclid’s contaminant rate is 25.2%, which is average for a curbside recycling program in a city of our size but leaves room for improvement through recycling education.
“Recycling is a really important step in moving towards a circular economy. A lot of items can be recycled, but not all things can go in your curbside recycling bin. That is the part that can be the most confusing for people, said Keep Euclid Beautiful Chair Linda Beck. “We appreciate residents taking the time to learn to recycle properly and help us keep that contamination rate low.”
Did you miss the presentation but want to learn more about which items are truly recyclable? Visit the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District website at Their website offers the most up-to-date information on recycling best practices and offers a “What Do I Do With?” search bar that allows you to inquire about specific items you might be looking to recycle. You can also contact the Solid Waste District by phone at 216-443-3749.
Looking to get involved with Keep Euclid Beautiful? Contact Linda Beck at 216-289-2786 or