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Jah’Life Ali, owner and CEO of ReNew Flooring
(Cleveland’s largest black-owned flooring company),
has released a book packed with stories from his
journey to success, along with powerful declarations to energize the entrepreneur and
businessperson in today’s busy and tiring world. Ali acknowledges that there is a limitless
power inside each of us, and that words have the incredible power to shape the world
around them. His firm belief, that the power lies within each of us to make the incredible
happen, is echoed throughout this book.
Life Lessons: The “I Am” Edition is filled with inspirational and insightful stories, which
capture the empowerment of understanding the divinely given power that lies within us all.
Among many other affirmations and life lessons, learn how to:
• Believe in yourself and achieve the impossible
• Take control of your life and design the future you desire
• Lead with confidence and kindness
• Allow yourself to be vulnerable and embrace your unique gifts
This book is the end product of many years of hard work and dedication to Ali’s passion—
empowering and encouraging others to dream big and reach higher. ReNew Flooring
provides quality flooring and designs that fit each customers individual style, personality,
and vision. The company has been creating the optimal home atmosphere for the residents
of northeast Ohio for over 10 years.

Jah’Life Ali, owner of Renew Flooring and author of Life Lessons: The “I Am” Edition


Front Cover of Life Lessons: The “I Am” Edition. Declarations for the Extremely Effective Entrepreneur


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