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I’m convinced that, if you look hard enough, you can always find something to complain about. I try not to complain because it just brings us down into the depths of our negativity. But sometimes, I think it is necessary to let others know there are problems and change is required. So I hereby warn you that this column is filled with complaints… about travelling through airports. I travel a lot and there are a few things that I see happen over and over.

  • Let’s start with checking in at the airline counter. Through technology, airlines already require us to buy tickets and check-in in advance. At the airport, we need to go to a terminal and check in again, print tags for our luggage and place them on each bag, and print boarding passes – unless we show them digitally on our phone. So with everything that we have done ourselves without any customer service, why do I then need to stand in line for as long as 45 minutes waiting to turn in my luggage? The airline counter typically has several unmanned terminal positions. They know how busy they will be… why don’t they have more staff to process their customers quickly?
  • After this wait, we get rewarded by moving to TSA inspection where we… wait again! I’ve witnessed entire TSA stations closed, and stations and conveyors closed. Why are they never staffed at capacity? They know exactly how many travelers they will have!
  • I have another complaint about TSA people – their angry attitude! Now, I understand that they have an important job: keep travelers safe by stopping terrorists. I appreciate them, and I feel better knowing this risk has been minimized. But must TSA agents act like everyone is a terrorist? Most of the time, 100% of the people they process are innocent! I get stopped almost every time I walk through the scanner, and the TSA agent always assumes I’m guilty and demands that I take off more of my clothing and/or find something else in my pockets. They look angry and talk angry and soon, I’m convinced that I must be guilty of something! After I eventually make it through, not even one time have I had a TSA agent ever shown a hint of remorse over all the inconvenience and their cruel tone. I can’t expect kindness but since we’re paying their salaries – couldn’t they show a little professional courtesy?
  • I have one more complaint, and this one is about airline etiquette for my fellow passengers. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t know this, but now you’ll know. When you deboard a plane, passengers sitting in the front go FIRST! This goes from front to rear, row by row. Passengers in the rear are NOT to walk up in the aisle ahead of other rows of passengers who patiently follow airplane etiquette. If you want to deboard earlier, then you should choose a seat in the front of the plane. If you buy a cheap seat in the rear rows, now you know that this is one of the reasons it’s a cheap seat.

Whew! I think I feel better now. Do you agree with me?  What irritates you?  I’d love your feedback. Just remember, we’re all playing the same game.